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Clevedon & Virgin Active Gradings

A busy weekend for everyone at Clevedon and Virgin active clubs, lots of very nervous faces, some near to tears. Well come the end it was all worth the stress and hard work that both of the clubs put into their gradings, between the clubs there were a total of forty four students who moved forward and deserved to be awarded their next belts. Many thanks for the help of all of the instructors in our clubs for putting so much time and effort into helping our students along the way.

Virgin Active

Kata Course February 2016
Clevedon Karate Kai members attended a kata course last weekend ran by Nariman Jedi 8th Dan from Essex.

With forty five students and instructors attending, fifteen from our Clevedon club, this was one of the largest kata courses we have held for a few years.

The Clevedon club will have been running for twenty fours years later this year, we opened in the old All Saints Church Hall and are pleased to say we are still with them in the new hall alongside of the church. We also train at Yatton School on a Monday evening and Tickenham Village hall on a Wednesday.
Thornbury Competition

Recently we attended a competition at Thornbury with Shinwa karate, it was good to meet up with a lot of old friends. We had two entrants Lizzie Haines and Lewis Cocking, the standard was very good and Lewis managed to gain a bronze in his event. Good experience for both of them on the run up to the WKU competition.


Max has now joined big brother Luke as a Dan grade.

Dan Grading

Dan grading on the 5th July saw two of our members attain thier coveted black belts, John Green and Max Jefferies both gave eveverything throughout a long hard grading.

Clevedon & Virgin Active Grading


Virgin Active members after their grading July 2015
WKU Courses

The WKU pre Dan grading courses start Sunday 31st May at the Bristol Dojo, time 17.00, these courses are free and aimed at those getting ready to take their Dan grades.
The Bristol Summer Course is again being sponsored by the WKU to make it a free all day course for all students, youngsters may train for a half day. The course is held at "The Old Reds" rugby ground please ask Kevin or Nigel for details.

Clevedon Grading 2015

Virgin Active Grading March 2015

A good grading, lots of happy faces.
Check out our competition page for the latest results from Gloucester.
Goodbye Gordon

Many will remember Gordon McGahan, I think he must have held the record for "blunting" a few noses whilst sparring, never with any malice but even as our oldest club member he was still the fastest with that tap on the nose when sparring with him.
Sadly last week Gordon left us all but he has left us with fond memories that will stay with us forever. Our thoughts are with his family, I expect he is starting his own karate club wherever he is now!

Check out our Students of the Month page and our newsletter, all updated.
December Dan Grading

December 7th and the WKU must have had the largest ever set of students attempting their Dan grade. Fourteen students of which five were from the Clevedon and Virgin Active clubs.
The start of this journey although maybe some years ago when they began karate really comes from some eight months to a year ago. Five students were told, lots of hard work, lots of extra hours, attend every course and every competition they can and they may be allowed to attempt to go for their grade. Although these four Elizabeth Haines (Clevedon) Isobel Holloway (VA), Ben Smart (VA), Bhavana Tallam (VA) have achieved their goal we have not yet finished the journey. Max Jefferies the youngest of the group narrowly missed out today, he gave everything he could and I am so proud of his effort, Max sorry but you are going to have me pounding you again until we get to the summer course and grading, you are worthy of a black belt and I am sure you will get there.
Again congratulations to the four that passed and many thanks to their parents who have added a lot of extra mileage to their cars in running them around.

Clevedon Grading

Congratulations to all who graded on the last day of November 2014. Everything started with those students going for their first grading and they certainly set the standard with so much effort they can all be proud of their new belts.
We also presented the Students of the Year awards after the grading, Piotr Oselka gained the junior award whilst John Green won the senior award, both of these students have put so much into their training over the last year, well done to everyone for all of their effort.

John & Piotr

November Grading 2014

Caden Griffiths-Virgin Active Student of the Year-2014

November Grading at Virgin Active

Bhavana Tallam as we have never seen her before, looks so grown up.
Virgin Active Course

Sunday 19th October was the first ever kata course at Virgin Active club in Bradley Stoke. We had a good attendance of 24 members and a few more around from our Clevedon club. Thank you to the parents who brought their offspring to the course but also a very big thank you to those who gave their time to help out. With many instructors there we were able to break down into smaller groups and target who needed help with what! Thank you all and I look forward to the next time.


Congratulations to those members who entered our latest competition, a little unlucky to say the least that four out of six were drawn against each other in the first round. Still I was very pleased with the standard of all of our entries and Isobel Holloway and Bhavana Tallam both came away with bronze medals. Now they all must work hard again for the WKU November competition and hopefully an appearance at the Dan grading in December. Pictures have now been added to the competition page.

Exam Results

Luke Jefferies is having a good year it seems, after working very hard to gain his second Dan he has also proven he is no slouch in his studies, 4 x A*,5 x A, 1 x B and 1 x C. Well done Luke enjoy your celebrations and your weekend away.

Dan Grading

Great news, Mark Christie is now a 3rd Dan whilst Luke Jefferies is now a 2nd Dan. Well done to both of you it was a hard grading after a very long hot day Saturday. Thank you also all of you who supported the outdoor course, including those who went for a ride in an ambulance!

Clevedon & Virgin Active Grading

June 28th and there were grading's at Virgin Active and the Clevedon clubs. The standard at both was very good with everyone showing how they have progressed since their last grading. Two of our newer members Ella and Tilly Newth were also presented with Student of the Month awards (See the students page for picture) they have both taken to karate like a duck to water dad is also giving his best to try to keep up with his girls!

007 Arrives at the Ball

We never had "Prom Nights" when I was at school, looking at Mr Jefferies here I think we may have missed out on a lot! Well done Luke, keep up the good work!

Updates on students of the month, newsletter and the front page. Checkout our Competition page for the latest from the WKU Spring Event

Trailer for sale

For sale £1,000 ono. Aluminium trailer with security tow hitch lock. 7'3" long, 4'3" wide, 4'9" tall. Very good condition, spare wheel and wheel clamp also. Please contact Kevin or Nigel for more details.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Congratulations to Luke Jefferies from our Virgin Active club on gaining his Silver Award.

Birthday Girl

Happy birthday Lizzie and thanks for the chocolate cake for everyone.

Yeovil Course

We are arranging with Chris Summers for a couple of courses prior to the Dan grading courses that are run May/June. Tickenham Hall is already unavailable so Chris has offered a venue in Yeovil. Chris and his crew have regularly traveled to us so it would be good for us to travel and support them in their club. All brown belts and above would benefit from this course, there are a couple of others that will also get an invite as I know some who although not yet brown belts will certainly cope with the course.
Course date is likely to be 6th April, venue and time to be confirmed, please ask Kevin for details.

Gordano Course

I would like to thank everyone from Clevedon and Virgin Active who supported us on this course, over thirty of our members were in attendance, hopefully all enjoyed their afternoon of training.

Clevedon Grading March 2014

Members of Clevedon club with their new belts

Virgin Active Grading March 2014

A small but happy group with their new belts

WKU Competition

Luke Jefferies gained a bronze at the November WKU nationals.

Virgin Active Grading November 2013

Clevedon Grading November 2013

Virgin Active students of the year

Bhavana Tallam and Ben Smart have been jointly awarded the student of the year trophies for our Virgin Active (Esporta) club. Both these students have progressed well during the year and given a lot of support to the club.

CKK Meal

Biggest cod I have ever seen! is he going to eat it all?

Not going to be beaten!

Made it at last, he even looked at the dessert menu!

I think Dino is still hungry

Is that Dino after Mark's dessert?

Going to have to work hard to get rid of these calories


Check out the new dates on our CKK Calendar.

Bristol Dan Grading Courses

Sunday 10th November our chief instructor is starting the courses again to help those coming up for a Dan grading. These one hour sessions are free with your instructors approval. 17.00 - 18.00 at the Bristol Dojo.


Wednesday evening I shall bring along our opening night book from 16th October 1992. Those of you from the early days can have a search to find your names, Dino, Tony, Ruth, you are all in the book. Hence Wednesday is our 21st anniversary for Clevedon Karate Kai. We started training in the All Saints Hall when it was in Old Street, so many thanks to All Saints we are still with you all of these years later also thank you for the support of our students that still keep us going.


Check out the newsletter and also the students page for our latest students of the month awards. Also we are having a meal at the Moon & Sixpence on the evening of 9th November, I have just booked for about eighteen people, please let me know if you wish to come along, members from past days will be very welcome.

Virgin Active Grading

Members from our Virgin Active club who successfully graded on July 27th.

Grading results

Clevedon & Virgin Active have three new Dan grades. Well done to Paul Green, Robert Porteous and Max Morch-Monstead who all came through the Dan grading successfully to gain their coveted black belts.
These three have trained four times a weeks for what seems an age now, they have grown in strength and confidence as the weeks have progressed. The weekend started with a six hour course under a very hot sun, yes there were plenty of breaks to get fluid in but we all know it does sap the energy levels. The following morning was the full on grading, and yes it really was "full on". The largest grading contingent that the WKU has seen and our Chief Instructor certainly put all of them through their paces.
Nerves were overcome and changed into positive energy and it showed, well done to all three of you, now with a black belt around your waist you will really start to learn and understand karate!

Dan Grading July 2013

We have three candidates for Dan grading in July, two from Virgin Active (Esporta) and one from the Clevedon club. Grading is on 7th July at the Bristol Dojo, it usually starts at about 10.00, you are welcome to come and support your members and see what they have to "suffer" for their art!

Pre grading course

At the last of the pre-grading courses to be run before our chief instructor takes over we had about twenty five students attend. Many thanks to the Bristol club for allowing us to use their dojo, it added the extra punch required giving the students a taste of what was to come. Hard work was the order of the day and they all gave what they could. One hour and ten minutes with very little time off, they were pushed all the way. At the end of the course feedback was given from Ivor Thomas, Chris Summers and myself. Alan will be starting the Bristol courses from the 26th May, I expect it will be as always 17.00 - 18.00 but will keep you all informed. I would like to thank everyone for their support and all who have helped along the way.

WKU Event

Check out our competition page with the report for the WKU event, all our students page for the students of the month.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to Luke Jefferies on his bronze D of E award, he is now working hard for his silver.

Dan grade training course

Our last session this morning the 28th April before our chief instructor Alan Flook starts his Sunday sessions.
As always many thanks to those who supported, clubs today were Patchway, S.W.S.K., Bristol, Yeovil and Clevedon/Esporta .
We aimed today to go through the grading syllabus for Dan grade and those hoping to move higher, I think we achieved all that we set out to do. Twenty five members out there giving it their all, the hearts must have been pumping well as the pace was lifted and little rest was given, this to push their stamina. All commands were in Japanese, again at the grades they have reached they should not need it in English. Come the end of the session Ivor, Chris and myself gave feedback to the students and thoughts of what needs working on. I thank all for their support and ask that those wishing to grade will now support Alan on the Sunday sessions, first one will most likely be Sunday 12th May.

Clevedon Grading

Sunday 14th April it was the turn of the Clevedon students to grade. Lots of very nervous faces but at the end of the day many happy ones! Again a good showing from all concerned, lots of effort and enthusiasm. Paul Green in training for his Dan grade was up amongst them giving himself an extra work out, that after his normal attendance three times a week. Congratulations also to Paul on gaining his table officials badge at a recent WKU course.

Virgin Active Grading

Saturday 13th April was the grading day for our members at the Virgin Active club in Bradley Stoke. Nineteen students were up for grading and all were made to work for their new grades. The lower grades who are also the youngest members were the first up to grade, in fairness to them they set a good standard by their effort, what may be missing at this early stage in their technique, they more than made up for with the effort that they gave. Overall it was one of the best grading's at the club and shows that the standard is steadily rising, well done to all of you and many thanks to those who came along to help us on the day.

Pre-Dan Grading Course

Maybe the last of these courses, all have been very well attended but our chief instructor will be soon starting his sessions on a Sunday afternoon and they are a very important step towards those grades. Our next course is to be held at the Bristol dojo on April 28th, times are 11.00 - 12.300, cost as always £1.00 towards the cost of the hall hire.
I would like to thank all of the clubs and their instructors who have supported these courses, we have not tried to change the teachings of individual clubs but to give an insight of what students can expect when going for their Dan grade and also those wishing to progress further. I intend to run a "dummy" Dan grading, this just to put the pressure on and to let them all know what we should expect of their stamina. All students of 3rd kyu and above are welcome but as always must have the agreement of their own club instructors to attend, likewise if any instructors who may have students nearing their Dan grading wish to come along and have an input their thoughts would also be welcome.

Check out our "Students" page and our "Competition" page for the latest news.
Our Sunday course for prospective Dan grades also went down well again, many thanks for the support from Yeovil and Portishead. Keep a look out for news of the next course.

February Course

Sunday 17th February and we again were at Tickenham Village Hall for another course aimed at helping prospective Dan grades and others who wish to progress further than their current level.
Again there was support from Yeovil, Portishead and both Clevedon and Esporta clubs, this time it was also good to see old friends from the Bristol club attend.
I shall look into the next available date and let everyone know ASAP.

Student of the Year at Virgin Active

Isobel Holloway has been awarded the "student of the year" award for 2012, Izzy has been putting in a lot of extra training and the improvement is begining to show.

Clevedon & Virgin Active Gradings

On the first weekend of December grading were taken at both Clevedon and Virgin Active clubs. Numbers were down but the standard was certainly up! A good grading session from both clubs.

Virgin Active members with their new belts

Some of the Clevedon club who graded in December

Clevedon Awards

At the annual Christmas party held in Clevedon Triangle Club our students of the year awards were presented.

Peter Fortune was given the senior student of year, whist louis Williams was awarded the junior student of the year. Well done to both members and many thanks for all of those families who attended the event.

Once again for the tenth year running Hudson Engineering sponsored our raffle, over these years there must have been some £1,500 raised for the club, thank you also to Pauline for getting this sponsorship, we gather this has to be the last year but we are very grateful for all they have achieved for the club.

Pete Fortune Senior student of the year 2012

Louis Williams Junior student of the year 2012

British Award

Congratulations go to Nigel Langson for attaining his British referees award in Glasgow last weekend, well done mate.

Welsh Open September 2012

Chelsie was today in action at the Welsh Open, I believe she was the only WKU entrant as the British event is only next weekend and the kumite squad do not need injuries a week before that event.

Chelsie went through all of the rounds in her kata comfortably, she ended up in the final against the Welsh champion and lost out 2-1 on the flags.

This has been a good run out for Chelsie before she is again in action with the WKU squad in Glasgow next week.

Camera Club Visit

We recently were visited by a camera club who wanted to get some action shots of our members, I only wish I knew how to take pictures like these?

We decided also that it could not be just the youngsters in the pictures so we let Pete and Tony have a go, Pete did have to have a lie down though during shooting!

Latest Dan Grade

Congratulations to our latest Dan grade Tony Filer, the 15th July was his day at last!
Tony started training some 27 years ago with Pete Fortune, the original "Clevedon Karate Club" instructor. Times moved on and so did Pete, Nigel and myself started Clevedon club again twenty years ago and Tony came back to try and work his way through the grades, Tony showed he had the ability then but as with many of us personal life and work took over and we lost him. The third time of him getting back into the fold, some twenty four years later Tony again joined Clevedon Karate Club, during this time an old friend also came back to training, Pete Fortune. Tony was hooked, the bug was there, this time nothing was going to stop him, the finale to the circle was Pete partnering Tony in his pair work on Tony's Dan grading, Pete will ache for a week or so as Tony threw him him around but the end result was that Tony has at last gained his Dan grade. Well done Tony and many thanks to Pete for his support in helping Tony achieve this goal.


No training at Tickenham on the 18th July, there is a drama night, sounds just like our training at times!!!!


Good results at both Virgin Active and Clevedon for the grading's, well done to all who took part, I shall post some pictures ASAP.

May 2012

We started off May with the WKU competition, both Clevedon & Virgin Active (Esporta) were there many for their first competition, I shall add a small report and some pictures to the competition page.

March 2012 Grading at Clevedon

March was the time for the first grading of the year at Clevedon club, again we held it at the Tickenham Hall, a nice large space to make them work all the harder!

The effort as always was there, mistakes can be forgiven when someone is trying so hard and everyone from the most junior grade gave their best.

I have lots of pictures but cannot yet work out how to get a thumbnail programme onto our website! Anyone with knowledge of this please contact me and I will add a lot more photographs.

Angels or Devils after a grading?

A group picture of the Clevedon club

Back to training Esporta 7th January, Yatton 9th January, Tickenham 11th January and Clevedon 13th January.

Check out our Students page for the Clevedon students of the month for October, November will follow shortly.

Our latest 2nd Dan

Peter Fortune 2nd Dan at last! Well only took him 25 years, well done from everyone in the club.

Esporta Student of the year

Joe Murphy 2011

Sweets Night at Clevedon

Last training night before the Christmas break

Esporta Student of the Year

Congratulations to Joe Murphy the Esporta student of the year, always listens, tries so hard and has a very good attendance , well done Joe.


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