Clevedon Karate Kai

October 2017


Many thanks to all of those who helped out in September whilst Nigel and I were away. Nice to hear that you have made the students work really hard and they have suffered a few aches and pains.

Dan Grading Courses

These start again on 29th October at the Bristol dojo, 17:00 to 18:00. They are free courses and I would suggest that anyone from 3rd kyu and above get involved, as they will give you an insight as to what is required to make that step over to gaining that black belt.

Club Meal

Paul has been working hard to find out how many members and ex-members would like to attend our 25th anniversary meal. So far it sounds like we shall have a fair few turn up. To confirm, it is at the Moon & Sixpence on Saturday 21st October. Children are welcome, and even if you cannot make the meal please try to drop in for a drink.

Paul has also made a very comprehensive booklet covering our 25 years as a karate club. I am trying to find a printer to get about 30 copies made and we will give these out to our membership.



13th Charlotte Fackrell, 14th Annabel Fear, 15th George Guiver, 21st Harvey Quach, 22nd Marcus Bentley, 23rd Amelia Wilczoch, 27th Taijan Dean, 29th Ben Smart.


Out of Date

Maria Christie, Louis & Seamus Nolan, Oliver Clarke, Ben Smart, Charlie Ford.

End of October

James Fortune, Mark Christie.

Students of the Month


Taijan Dean

Nuffield Health

Oliver Smith