Clevedon Karate Kai

November 2017

Club Meal

A great "Thank you" must go to Paul Green for all the hard work he put into arranging the club anniversary meal and the booklet to celebrate twenty-five years of the Clevedon club. Thank you very much, Paul. I know we all enjoyed the night at the Moon & Sixpence, the food was good, and the staff worked very hard.

Tickenham Closure

There will be no training at Tickenham on Wednesday 22nd November as the hall is being used for a play.

Dan Grade Courses

These have now started again and are held at the Bristol dojo. They are free of charge, so even if you are not yet taking your Dan grade it is a very good chance to get some extra training in and be seen by other senior instructors from the association. Times are again 17:00 to 18:00 at The Holy Nativity Church, School Road, Totterdown, Bristol, BS24 2AG.

Clevedon Grading

This will take place at All Saints Church on Sunday 3rd December from 12:30 to 15:30.

Nuffield Health Grading

This will take place at Nuffield Health on Saturday November 25th and will be done in one session starting at 10:00 and finishing at approximately 11:30.

The cost of grading has not changed for many years. Neither has the fact that you must attend with the fee and your licence with a picture in it. I cannot remember the last time at this club where everyone remembered to bring everything on the day. You will be told before the date if you are grading. Please, kids, make sure mums and dads remember what they must bring!

Referee/Officials Course

On Sunday 12th November there is a course at the Bristol dojo, starting at 10:00.


Out of Date

Mark Christie, James Fortune, Sevin Kalupahana.

End of November

Batchuan Cil, Taijan Dean, Donna Robertson, Oscar Lewis.

Students of the Month


Jointly Ayden & Nathan Hill.

Nuffield Health

Jointly Felix & Marcus Bentley.