Clevedon Karate Kai

December 2017

Holiday Breaks

Last training days will be Clevedon Friday 15th December, Nuffield Health Saturday 16th December, Yatton Monday 18th December and the last Tickenham will be Wednesday 20th December.

Starting back on Friday 5th January at Clevedon, Saturday 6th January Nuffield Health, Monday 8th January back at Yatton and Tickenham back on Wednesday 10th January.


Well done to those students who entered the WKU winter competition, we came away with a bronze for Louis Nolan and another for Lewis Cocking but will not forget the performances of Bree, Isla and Evie Stevens and also Harvey Quach, all acquitted themselves looking very good on the day.

Sweets & Fun

Clevedon will be on Wednesday 20th and Nuffield Health on the 16th. We will also present the student of the year awards on those days.

Have a safe Christmas break we will see you all ready to go in the new Year. Best wishes from all of our instructors and helpers.